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"I've always been in touch with my values but before I worked with Nancy I didn't give them validity and I didn't live by them. Now I'm having more courage to live by them, which in my case takes a lot - it's not risk-free. I have more energy, more passion, more excitement about what I'm doing professionally. And decisions are easier, about what to take on."
University Professor

"Nancy's shown me that my natural introvert self, the one below the "shoulds", is a human being who knows the answers and is able to make good choices. In some ways I've thought of my work with her as spiritual development - it's extraordinary, actually."

New Book!

Newly published and available in paperback and Kindle versions at Amazon.com, Introverts at Ease - An Insider's Guide to a Great Life on Your Terms, by Nancy Okerlund, combines stories of my own personal process with concise, specific information about introversion (including the new research on the physiology) and concrete strategies for thriving as an introvert.

Are you an introvert facing a significant challenge in your work life?

You can address your challenges as an introvert and create solutions that come from your strengths as a unique human being and an introvert.

Do you want more ease and effectiveness in your life?

Are you an introvert who's reached the point where something has to give?

If you want:

  • More energy;
  • Better work/life balance;
  • Relief from the over-stimulation and too-fast pace of life;
  • A way to stay focused and energized on a big creative project; or
  • A real change in your career...

I'm glad you're here - welcome!

Nancy Okerlund
I'm Nancy Okerlund, owner of Introvert Energy, and I've found that becoming a "conscious introvert" creates transformative changes that let you live your life at its best, no matter what the challenges.

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All the best to you,

Nancy Okerlund

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