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"I hadn't felt a big deficiency in being an introvert but I really didn't quite know what to do with it, because the world is so extroverted. What's shifted in working with Nancy is that I feel almost honored for being an introvert to have my strengths pointed out and almost celebrated, that it's wonderful there are people in the world who deliver thoughtful opinions rather than talking off the top of their heads, for instance."
Executive Assistant

Being a "conscious introvert" will transform your life

This page will give you a sense of how Introvert Energy works and the kind of results to expect.

"I'm spending more time in my yard, not working, just being there. Not only have you encouraged me specifically to do that, our work lets me be okay with it and know that it's a necessity. I spent several hours there yesterday, reading and watching the birds."

Even though we don't talk about it much, life is quite different for introverts than for extroverts. You may not include "introvert" in the way you describe yourself, but it's a very real part of your life. Becoming more aware becoming what I call a "conscious introvert" is a powerful process. Here's how I describe conscious introversion:

Three things a conscious introvert knows:

  1. Being an introvert is a physical experience and impacts us all the time. As introverts, our brains and bodies are wired differently than extroverts so we literally experience life differently.
  2. Most people are not introverts. Research shows that about 75% of people are extroverts. Think back to your high school. Only one in four of your classmates was an introvert, like you.
  3. The United States is a very extroverted society. The "American way" reflects extroverts much more than introverts.
Four things a conscious introvert does:
  1. Reframes: Being an introvert is an asset. Negative stereotypes about introverts are easy to come up with: unfriendly, withdrawn, shy, lacking social skills, etc. The gifts of introversion are many but less understood.
  2. Makes re-energizing a high priority. As an introvert you get re-energized from the inside from your ideas, impressions, feelings. You need considerable "down time" for that re-energizing to happen.
  3. Creates "introvert" ways of doing things. "Normal" in our culture is extroverted. Getting good at being an introvert on purpose makes life a lot easier.
  4. Develops "extroverting" skills. ".when in Rome, do as the Romans do." Sometimes it's smart or essential to act like an extrovert. Getting some extrovert skills on purpose is a lot more fun than having none or trying to be an extrovert impostor.
Introvert Energy is primarily a coaching business. I work with you in a one-to-one partnership we design together, to address your challenges and create solutions that come from your strength as a unique human being and as an introvert.

Life coaching is a conversation that brings awareness, action and satisfaction.

As a profession, life coaching started to emerge in the 1980s and is growing all over the world. For example, currently the International Coach Federation, the largest professional coaching organization, has more than 11,000 members in 80 countries.

Introverts need a low-stimulation environment to re-energize.
Coaching isn't counseling, it's not mentoring, it's not consulting and it's not therapy. Most simply, it's a special kind of conversation that increases your awareness about yourself and about life, and results in you taking actions that give you more fulfillment and more success.

When you work with me, you can expect new perspectives on your challenges and on you. And you can expect to be taking action in ways that feel right and bring you satisfying results.

This includes learning how to work with the world on your own terms as an introvert. Not by being obsessed about it. You might say it happens naturally, with some intention, while working on your challenge.

Results: more energy, more focus, more ease, more effectiveness

You'll get good at having enough "down time" to rejuvenate. This is a basic ingredient of your wellbeing as an introvert, because of the way your body works. You'll find your own ways of doing it minus the guilt.

"I didn't expect to do such deep heart/soul/spiritual work in this process. Nancy is someone who "gets me" and really helps me to get myself. She stays the course with me and I don't make it easy - she works for it with me! I adore her for that."

Social Change Activist

You'll develop better work/life balance, something practically everybody aspires to these days. When you have a skilled partner to work with, it can actually happen. You'll get better at prioritizing and making choices life will find a better balance.

You'll find more of your own "introvert" ways of doing things, no matter how extroverted the environment you're in. You might already be pretty good at this (survival skills) but you'll get really creative and enjoy it more, in both your personal and professional life.

You'll get good at "extroverting" when you want or need to. What we get from developing our extroverting skills is more freedom of movement. Whether it's "speaking extrovert", giving presentations, going to unfamiliar places, or some other typically extroverted thing, you'll have more ease and be more effective.

"Introvert" will become an interesting aspect of your identity. Introverts have a tendency to think there's something wrong with us. The more you understand what it means physically to be an introvert and what wonderful strengths your small segment of the population has to offer, the more natural and fun it'll be for you to identify as an introvert. You might even start bragging about it.

The world is longing for more "introvert energy"

You'll be in a powerful position to offer yours, and on your own terms: Life at its best no matter what the challenges.

Next, find out more about how coaching works and Introvert Energy's Services.

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