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Nancy Okerlund

"The amazing thing about Nancy is that she really loves me and really believes the stuff she says about me. It's pretty amazing - that I'm not just a client. There's an unconditional acceptance. It's hard for me to trust because except for my mom, who else gives you that! But when you enter a professional relationship and then you experience that, it's amazing."
University Professor

Who is Nancy Okerlund?

This page gives you information about Nancy Okerlund, founder of Introvert Energy.

Prairie introvert

"Mom, Pleeeease…can't we go?!" As a little girl growing up on the North
"I was attracted to Nancy because of my sense of her wisdom and the thoughtful calmness around her. It's always present in her when she works and when she's out and about – it's in her total presence but it's not something you can easily put words around."

ADD/ADHD Entrepreneur Coach

Dakota prairie, almost nothing excited me more than the prospect of a hike out the back door, down the gravel road at the edge of town, to Big Rock. When we were lucky, my mother said yes and off I'd go with one of my younger sisters and maybe a neighbor friend, on a summer morning before it got too hot. What I loved most about walking the quarter mile out to that pile of rock at the edge of the pasture – besides that it was a Big Adventure for a 9-year-old – was the peace and quiet of the endless blue sky, meadowlarks calling, my buddies and I saying little. It was the best.

My work with introverts

I'm an introvert who frequently felt out of place – and confused by it – most of my life. Exploring my own introvert self and studying introversion has given me new ease and effectiveness and has caused me to found Introvert Energy.

Nancy and son Jesse at Big Rock in 1984

My commitment in working with other introverts is for people to create more ease and effectiveness in their lives; and in the larger sense, for our world to experience more wonderful introvert energy – the world needs introverts!

My coaching philosophy

I believe that human beings are fundamentally "brilliantly sane": open, warm, clear. Our brilliant sanity exists underneath our personalities, our cultures,
Nancy with daughter Phoebe at Big Rock
our social conditioning. I offer my services for the sake of bringing you to a wonderful new relationship with your wise inner self, the home of your brilliant sanity. What does your inner self make available to you? A deep sense of direction, confidence, clarity, more and better decisions, happiness – in short, life at its best no matter what the challenges.

My life experience

I've played tag with a wild teenage white-tailed deer and gazed into the eyes of a black bear in the north woods. I grew up in a little house on the prairie and travel as often as possible to India. I suffered profound loss of family and narrowly escaped death at an early age. I'm passionate about books and ideas and the way they connect people with the sacredness of life. I've been a spiritual seeker since childhood. I love creatures and the natural world. I'm the mother of two wonderful young adults, have 40 years of experience in long-term intimate relationship and am a fierce believer in the beauty of family and friendship.

My credentials

Early spring, 1998. I'm waiting for an elevator in the building where I work. I glance down at the pile of delivered newspapers and the front page catches my eye – an article about "personal/professional coaching", something I've never heard of. I read it,
Jesse and Phoebe in the fields
immediately know coaching is what I'm supposed to do, and within a month I'm in training and have my first client.

I have a master's degree in human development. I'm certified by the Coaches Training Institute of San Rafael, California and the International Coach Federation (ICF), the largest professional organization of personal/ professional coaching. I'm a member of the ICF and of the Minnesota Coaches Association.

Before my magical moment at the elevator, my roles in the world of work included educator, social change activist, trainer/ consultant and administrator. Besides my master's degree, I have undergraduate degrees in music, English and elementary education.

What you can count on from me

My intention is that you become skillful at experiencing your life at its best – no matter what the challenges. Here's what I bring to the partnership:
  • Skill at seeing the big picture, getting to the heart of matters, exploring the way, making connections and discovering resources – which makes things happen;
  • A huge commitment to you and fascination with who you are;
  • Searching wisdom and active intuition;
  • Straightforward honesty and high standards for your success;
  • Thoughtful love;
  • My North Dakota sense of humor.
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