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"What Nancy did for me was that she always kept me on the journey. I'd talk with her and all of a sudden I'd have all this clarity about what would be the next step, even though sometimes I didn't know I was confused. I'd talk with her and things would just become clear."
Certified Public Accountant

Have more ease and effectiveness by becoming a "conscious introvert"

Being an introvert isn't a piece of cake. Most people are extroverts. Our world is very extroverted. Our bodies are "wired" differently than extroverts. And we don't pay much attention to it.

I'm Nancy Okerlund and I've discovered that being more of an introvert is the key to the good life. I call it being a "conscious introvert". I've written a mini-guide to living as a conscious introvert, an article called "Thriving as an Introvert in the 21st Century." I'd like to give you the mini-guide for free, along with a free subscription to my monthly online newsletter, The Introvert Energizer.

Introverts network most effectively one to one.

"Thriving as an Introvert in the 21st Century" gives concise, specific information about the "hardwiring" of introverts plus 3 ways to reframe who you are and 3 lifestyle skills that will create more ease and effectiveness in your life. Get the mini-guide by submitting the form below. Within a minute or two you'll have online access to it and a new way of approaching your life as an introvert.

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The Introvert Energizer archive

If you are wondering what the The Introvert Energizer newsletter is all about, check out the archives below.

Volume 1, Issue 1, 7/18/07The "Conscious Introvert"
Volume 1, Issue 2, 7/30/07Slow is Beautiful!
Volume 1, Issue 3, 8/10/07Collecting "Hap Hits"
Volume 1, Issue 4, 8/23/07Learning the Easy Way
Volume 1, Issue 5, 9/13/07Extroverting at the Fair
Volume 1, Issue 6, 9/27/07The Introvert Way
Volume 1, Issue 7, 10/11/07Going Slower
Volume 1, Issue 8, 10/25/07Smiling Patience
Volume 1, Issue 9, 11/08/07Amused Curiosity and Lame Jokes
Volume 1, Issue 10, 11/29/0712 Things & a Long Hot Bath
Volume 2, Issue 1, 01/10/08Introvertly Happy
Volume 2, Issue 2, 01/24/08Doing the Right Thing
Volume 2, Issue 3, 02/14/08No! No! A Thousand Times No!!
Volume 2, Issue 4, 02/28/08Enough
Volume 2, Issue 6, 03/27/08The Introvert Smile
Volume 2, Issue 7, 04/10/08Stewarding Our Energy
Volume 2, Issue 8, 04/24/08Going on Vacation
Volume 2, Issue 9, 05/08/08"Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway"
Volume 2, Issue 10, 05/22/08Where's the Down Time?!
Volume 2, Issue 11, 06/12/08Working Happily Ever After
Volume 2, Issue 12, 07/10/08Introvert Grandmother
Volume 2, Issue 13, 07/24/08The Care and Feeding of Introverts
Volume 2, Issue 14, 08/14/08Write On!
Volume 2, Issue 15, 08/28/08Introvert Small Talk
Volume 2, Issue 16, 09/29/08Drained by Joy
Volume 2, Issue 17, 10/23/08"Slow Down and Feel the Energy"
Volume 2, Issue 18, 11/20/08Quiet Leadership
Volume 2, Issue 19, 12/11/08"This is the Time for Introverts!"
Volume 3, Issue 1, 01/08/09Bathtub Reading
Volume 3, Issue 2, 01/22/09Introvert Response Ability
Volume 3, Issue 3, 02/12/09Spotting Introverts
Volume 3, Issue 4, 03/12/09"Ask Without Hesitation…."
Volume 3, Issue 5, 03/26/09Deep Buddy
Volume 3, Issue 6, 04/09/09Nowhere to Go, Nothing to Do
Volume 3, Issue 7, 05/14/09Diving Deep and Surfacing
Volume 3, Issue 8, 07/07/09Six Years of Introvert Bliss
Volume 3, Issue 9, 08/20/09Around the World in 80 Hours
Volume 3, Issue 10, 09/17/09"She's Very Ingoing!"
Volume 3, Issue 11, 10/22/09Introvert/Extrovert Fusion
Volume 3, Issue 12, 11/24/09Walking Slow
Volume 4, Issue 01, 01/21/10That Inner (Introvert) Child
Volume 4, Issue 02, 02/25/10Introvert on the Road
Volume 4, Issue 03, 03/25/10"What Shall I Do With All My Books?"
Volume 4, Issue 04, 04/29/10The Introvert with the Kitchen Timer

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