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"When I started working with Nancy, my boss had sold his company and it seemed like a natural time to think about what I might want to be doing instead of what I was doing. I was a liberal arts major in college – English – and never quite settled on what I should be doing. So we explored some other things, some areas of interest and passion and eventually it became clear that what I'm doing is really good. I'm very good at it, it's easy for me and I do well. Reaching that point has been an enlightenment."
Executive Assistant

Introverts in search of ease and effectiveness

This page will help you decide whether you and Introvert Energy are a good match.

One of my clients, talking about a recent presentation she made:

"I'm passionate about my work! I love talking about it – it makes me feel good. And I didn't have to learn how to be an extrovert – that's really cool, and it's going to build."

I work with introverts who want more ease and effectiveness in their lives. My clients face a significant work/life challenge. They may be service professionals, writers, visual artists, entrepreneurs, small business owners, educators, health care professionals, academics, attorneys, or working in the corporate world. They have at least three things in common: they're introverts, they have a challenge with career, work or life direction and they've decided to address the challenge: they want more ease and effectiveness.

Are any of these situations true for you?

Basically you like your work, but it's so challenging that if you don't make some changes you won't be able to sustain yourself. The work world tends to run extrovert-style, and these days the pace is faster and more stressful than ever; often introverts haven't created their most effective (introvert) ways to deal with the challenges.

Introverts have a strong ability to concentrate.
You need help with balance: lots of things are important to you but you use all your energy for work and aren't willing to live that way any longer. As an introvert, you're probably conscientious and thorough. Even though in your heart you know it's not the only thing that's important, being a conscientious worker takes pretty much all you've got. Day after day, week after week, you feel frustrated with the imbalance.

You're in the middle of a creative process. You need to stay focused and energized – and it's not easy. Creative processes, for instance, writing a book, require tremendous focus and energy. Introverts are comfortable doing solo work, but it's no small thing to manage the energy and the "climate" needed to bring a big project to completion.

You've been in your career for a long time and you know it's time for some change. You may or may not be sure what it is but it's time to take action. All people have a certain built-in tendency to resist change – it's a healthy trait. As an introvert you also have a natural tendency to "mull things over" carefully. It can be very challenging to make a career change.

You've started your own business – it feels complicated and you're not overflowing with confidence: you need support. You love the idea of your business and see great possibilities for it. Introverts are very good at concentrating and at comprehending the vastness of things. We're also naturally at home in the internal world of ideas, feelings, impressions. With your own business, sometimes that combination can be overwhelming – so much good energy going in but not necessarily producing concrete results fast enough.

You're constantly over-stimulated and exhausted: there has to be a different way to maintain yourself in this crazy pace of "modern life". These days even extroverts, who thrive on external stimulation, feel over-stimulated! For introverts, it's over the top. Like some introverts, you may be unconsciously trying to be an extrovert, which is very hard work. Or maybe you withdraw more than you'd like. Or a combination of both, to cope with a very challenging world out there. You want some relief!

You're likely to be successful working with me if…

  • You know it's time to take some action, even if you're not sure what it is.
  • The challenge of personal development is a game you play every day. You assume that changing, growing is what life is about. It's not always a piece of cake, but it compels you.
  • You're prepared to be a little uncomfortable for the sake of improving your quality of life. In true introvert style, you think things through, but you're not afraid to try something different in your personal or professional development work.
  • You're willing to be patient with yourself and your process. You expect a period of "wax on, wax off" to get the results you want.
  • You're curious about being an introvert and working with it more. (Not sure whether you're an introvert? Go to Are You An Introvert?)

I help introverts face their challenges as introverts. Being a "conscious introvert" will transform your life.

What's a "conscious introvert", you ask? And what do I mean by "transform your life"? Go on to How We Work.

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