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Introvert huts and other possibilities

This page is about creating an introvert-friendly world and features introverts doing interesting things in that direction.

One day artist Laurie Phillips, in conversation with one of her close introvert friends, casually tossed out the phrase "introvert huts". Her friend Mary got excited and they talked about it the fantasy of little spaces all over for introverts to take re-energizing breaks. It wasn't long before Laurie had created a wonderful "introvert hut" at the headquarters of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota. Go to Beautiful Stairwells to see Laurie Phillips' art and the story of the "introvert huts".

An introvert-friendly world is good for everybody

We live in a very fast-moving world. Ellen DeGeneres calls it TBS: Too Busy Syndrome. In the United States, we work more and vacation less than any other industrialized nation, including Japan. A poll four months before the 2004 presidential election reported that lack of time was the biggest concern among swing voters not the economy, not health care, not the war in Iraq.

Our extroverted culture is longing for more introvert energy more quiet, more reflection, a slower pace.

An introvert passionately engaged in his subject.

Introvert on a mission

What would an introvert-friendly world look like and how do we get there? I confess I'm on a mission to find out. Some possibilities on how to get there:
  • We talk about it: "Are you an introvert or an extrovert?" becomes an interesting question.
  • Introverts get better at protecting our energy and feel more at ease.
  • Consciousness is raised: introverts and extroverts understand better what introverts have to offer the TBS world.
  • Introverts feel empowered to influence their environments to be more introvert-friendly. Extroverts feel grateful.
  • Extroverts and introverts learn how to help each other with their challenges.
  • Creative changes surface naturally: more balance of introvert/extrovert, inner/outer. We slow down. Everybody breathes easier.

Don't forget Beautiful Stairwells if you haven't already looked there.

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