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Some key ideas about Co-active Coaching

Coaching is:
  • a way to address personal and professional challenges;
  • an ongoing way to make changes;
  • a way to track your whole life;
  • a way to be and do what’s important to you;
  • a way to keep things in a balance;
  • a process for having perspective on your life;
  • a way to create a life you love;
  • a way to create a life that works, no matter what the challenges.

Four cornerstones of co-active coaching:

  1. Assumption that the client is naturally creative, resourceful and whole;
  2. Coaching addresses the client’s whole life;
  3. The agenda comes from the client;
  4. The relationship is a designed alliance; the effectiveness comes from the relationship created between the client and the coach.

Two goals of co-active coaching:

  1. To deepen the learning;
  2. To forward the action.

Some good things to keep in mind:

  • Coaching happens over time; it includes ups and downs, fast changes, slow doldrums and plateaus;
  • The work happens mainly inbetween coaching calls;
  • “Failure” fits right into the process – learning comes from everything.

Three key components:

  1. Fulfillment: living a life of purpose, of reaching your potential, of filling the heart and soul; it’s an intensely personal definition; we get at it through identifying values and honoring them;
  2. Balance: caring for your whole life, not just certain areas; it’s about saying “yes” to some things, “no” to others; it’s a fluid state, always in motion and we see it best over the long haul;
  3. Process: we’re always in the process of our lives; the coach notices the process, points out, encourages, supports, celebrates, provides companionship - helps the client be actively engaged with whatever is happening.
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